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In-House Vs. Outsourcing: Making A Better Call Center Cost Comparison

In-House Vs. Outsourcing: Making A Better Call Center Cost Comparison

When evaluating the possibility of hiring an outsourcing call center service and its cost-saving opportunity, the most important part is knowing your own in-house call center cost.

How will you compare the cost of an outsourcer if you do not really know how your cost and expenses work? It is important to keep in mind what aspects of your business you should include and what does the outsourcing service cover. This way, you will really know which cost-saving opportunity is more convenient for your business.

How do you estimate your in-house call center cost? Do you take your fully loaded cost and divide that between the number of working hours? Are you taking into account janitorial wages, recruiting cost, paid vacations, and insurance into consideration? Do you believe that if your cost per hour per agent is the same as your outsourcing option you will not get any benefits from it?

We will help you better understand your in-house call center cost and the outsourcing pricing structure for you to make a more accurate comparison between these opportunities and make a better decision for your growing business.


First, your call center cost. It is important that you include all costs in your estimation. We know this information will not be easy to get, but once you have it, you will be able to make better decisions. Ask for help from the corresponding department. Once you know what you need it will be easier to get it. To better understand call center cost we will divide it into 3 categories.


We want to clarify that we know that all businesses are not the same. We will mention some of the costs you might have, but it is your homework to do a deeper analysis of your business.


Staff and Labor
This not only includes your agents, supervisors and managers’ salaries, this also includes Human Resources, Payroll, Compliance, IT, Quality Assurance, Training, Janitorial and Security personnel and its corresponding benefits and taxes. All these employees need to be recruited, hired and trained, and motivated. You need to consider those costs too.


You also need to keep in mind the cost of your facilities: rent, maintenance, built-out, customizations, insurances, electricity, water, furniture, and office supplies. Take, for example, if you want to grow your team, you might need to build-out some walls, install new cubicles, paint, customize the ventilation and lighting. You need to add all these costs the overhead call center cost.


Technology Infrastructure
It is very important to include technology cost: hardware, computers, headsets, phones, etc. As well as network services, systems, licenses, applications, installation, and maintenance. Think of all the technology you use in your company, not only for operations but for other departments too.


Again, analyze your own business. This is to help you get a better idea of what you need to keep in mind when doing your cost analysis.


Next, when you have all your cost, you can make your own calculations. You can estimate your cost per hour per agent, per contact, per call, per minute, per performance, however, you need for what you need. But if you want to compare it with an outsourcer price, you need to consider how their price structure works. The majority will use cost per hour per agent.


Now you have your cost per hour per agent and you want to compare it vs. an outsourcing service provider. But you need to know what is included in the cost of the outsourcing provider, if they charge you for holidays too, or if they offer any extra services.


For example, at Call Center Services International under the Turnkey program, we only charge you for worked hours. This means, if an agent calls in sick, if the agent is in vacations or if it’s a holiday, you will not pay for those hours. We will give to you agents 1 to 2 weeks of general training for free, you will only be charged for the training on your specific product. And you will not have to worry about recruiting, administrative processes, space or infrastructure. Additionally, CCSI offers between 15-20 hours of Quality Assurance per week with no cost for our clients. All this is included in the price.


You can compare the hourly cost and you will be saving the difference. But also, you will pay fewer hours and you will be getting additional services at no additional cost.

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