Nearshore Or In-House? Which One Is A Good Fit for Your Call Center

Nearshore Or In-House? Which One Is A Good Fit for Your Call Center

If you are willing to grow your contact center team you might ask yourself what is the best option for your company: growing your in-house team or to outsource it. Or you might ask what are the big benefits of a nearshore call center vs your in-house team because they don’t sound too different to you. Well, here are 5 things you can compare to make a wiser decision.



One of the biggest reasons companies decide to outsource their processes is because of the cost. Compared to in-house, the cost of a nearshore team is considerably less expensive. Contrasted with US salaries, benefits, resources, facilities, licenses and more, the cost is less in other countries. And this is because the cost of living in other countries, like Mexico, to mention one, is less expensive than in the United States. This allows nearshore companies to offer exceptional quality at a lower price. On the other hand, the cost of an in-house team is more expensive. You need to pay salaries, insurance, bonuses, etc. You need to recruit, train and retain the team. Also, if the team is growing, you may need more space and equipment for your agents, which is a big expense of money and time. In some cases, you may need to reject some business opportunities.



When it comes to control, in-house is the winner. Nothing compares to having your own personnel whom you can lead and instruct them what to do, where and how to do it. You can make the changes you need right away and act on any matter needed. With outsourcing, you still have control of your team but it’s not as easy as with in-house. You may need to go through processes stipulated by the partner company, notify and wait for a response, sometimes you might not realize how your team is performing and this would not let you act when needed. For this reason, if you want to outsource, you need to find a company that is aligned with your corporate values, one with which you can have good communication and that lets you see the performance of your team whenever you need it. Fortunately, the advantage of nearshore over offshore is that you can have a faster and more effective communication due to proximity and cultural alignment.


Recruitment Pool

Hiring an in-house team, even though you have more control because you hire the people you think are the best for your team, is more difficult and not only costs more money but also time and effort. It is also common that you do not get the amount of applicants you need to fill your job openings and your project gets delayed. Nearshore solutions offer you a large amount of people for your team. Outsourcing companies have a bigger recruitment, selecting and training teams dedicated to find the people you need for your team. But also, because it is one of their core activities, they dedicate more money and efforts to it.



It is common to prefer having an in-house team if this team will manage sensible information of your company or customers. Credit card information, key contacts, and processes are things you want to keep in your company, with people you can trust. For this, if you are willing to establish a nearshore team that will manage confidential information, like a debt collection center that is going to get payments, for example, you must be able to trust the company. How do you do it? Check if the company has security certifications, like PCI Compliance for instance. Ask them what they do to maintain a security information environment and even talk with some of their clients to know if they have had any issue with the company regarding these matters. Even if you trust the company, prepare a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or see if they have one. This way, you are legally protected.



In regards to expertise, we need to consider two things: the knowledge that your company has and the experience in the process. Nobody understands your company like you, which is key for any kind of process, so you might prefer an in-house team. But when it comes to the expertise in the process, a nearshore outsourcing company might have more experience on it, it is their core business and they have worked with companies like yours, with similar needs. They can offer you even better performance than the one you have in-house. What it is important here is that if you hire a nearshore service, you need to let them understand your company, be able to train the trainers, have constant communication with the team, and even do regular visits.


Summarizing, if cost is not your main concern but having total control and confidentiality is, an in-house team might be better for your call center. But if you need to reduce operational cost or you are struggling with staffing, turnover rate, and performance of your call center, we invite you to consider a nearshore contact center for your company.


At Call Center Services International our core business is to help you establish a high performance yet cost effective nearshore Contact Center in Mexico. Our agents are fully bilingual, bi-cultural, well-educated and have expertise in a wide array of business functions. Contact us to discuss your contact center needs.

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