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CCSI is a successful ISO 20000-1 certified company

ISO 20000-1

Call Center Services International (CCSI) strives each day to be updated with our certifications, ensuring the utmost level of quality your company deserves. Now, CCSI has renewed its ISO 20000-1 certification.

ISO 20000-1 helps companies deliver effective managed IT services to customers through a comprehensive approach that ensures operational processes and maintains those standards over time.

Implementing ISO creates a space that CCSI can build upon and continually improve our service management system. Also, it is fully scalable to large and small companies or internal and external customers.

This certification represents efficiency in our IT services and validates our operational processes are effective and reliable. We drastically minimize the number of incidents and reduce any impact by identifying areas of opportunity and assessing procedures correctly to avoid risks.

"The external audit was carried out on April 2021, obtaining the corresponding renewal and certification, validating the implementation of our IT Service Management System." -Alejandra Miranda, Compliance Director, Call Center Services International. 

With the ISO 20000-1 renewal, Call Center Services International assists all service requests in a timely and safe manner, improves effectiveness, and protects information. 

Keep learning more about our latest renewal certification: SOC 2 Type 1 Certification.

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