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Call Center Attrition: Main Reasons That Can Cause It

Reasons of Attrition

While average call center attrition rates vary from 30 to 45%, several companies see their statistics as high as 90%. As a call center manager, you must be conscious of attrition in your business strategy and develop ways to keep top call center agents.

First, it’s essential to understand what is increasing contact center turnover rates in your call center before developing a solid retention plan. Let’s go over some of the most common reasons for attrition since one of the most critical concerns facing the call center industry in 2022 is a workforce shortage.


Causes of Attrition in a Call Center


  • Ineffective Training and Onboarding Processes

Poor onboarding and training are a leading source of high attrition rates, as new workers want the appropriate guidance to feel confident and prepared for their new position. It’ll be more difficult for them to feel motivated in their work if they lack knowledge and confidence in their daily activities. If your call center agents feel like they're fighting an uphill struggle at work, they're more inclined to leave for a position where they feel more comfortable.

Additionally, employees, particularly new recruits, must learn how to do their tasks effectively while adhering to established procedures. If your onboarding process doesn’t explicitly describe them, you risk alienating or confusing your agents.

Solution: Evaluate your onboarding and training programs regularly and ask for feedback from agents and managers. Ensure that the content of your programs directly addresses any knowledge gaps or goals needed to set your agents up for success.


  • Outdated Contact Center Technology

It can be difficult for your call center agents to carry out their everyday tasks if they don't have the necessary tools. Customers who have been on hold for an extended period, for example, are more likely to begin their communication with the agent on a sour note. As a result, agents may feel frustrated, disappointed, and unsupported, prompting them to seek new job alternatives.

Solution: Invest in call center technology that makes your employees' tasks easier. Consider the most pressing issues your department experiences on a regular basis, then assess your present tools to see if you need to upgrade them or invest in new ones that will simplify processes and improve performance.


  • Poor Leadership

Not only does hiring the incorrect skill set for agents obstruct your call center performance but choosing inefficient management even be more damaging. Poor or inefficient leadership is a major reason employees leave an organization.

A competent call center manager should be empathetic, communicative, and have prior team-motivation experience. Some managers are experienced in the call center sector but lack the soft skills needed to lead a team or set meaningful goals.

Solution: Know what attributes to search for and the problems you want them to solve when hiring for leadership positions. These insights can also be used to improve leadership training for current management professionals.


  • Lack of Career Advancement Opportunities

You must provide possibilities for call center agents to advance their careers if you want them to stay with you.

Remember that your most motivated agents will only keep their excitement up as long as they feel supported, valued, and recognized for their abilities. A lack of opportunity for progress can quickly suffocate that motivation and make them look for other opportunities to grow outside your company.

Solution: Rather than hiring call center managers from outside, prioritize internal promotions for team leads, QA, supervisors, call center managers, etc. Encourage your call center managers to build performance plans for each employee that include practical steps for professional advancement and to assist them in achieving their goals.



  • Monotony at the Call Center

Being at a call center all day long can become boring. Repetitive work can feel tedious. Attrition rates can become higher and higher in contact centers where agents are assigned to a single specialized customer interaction channel or type of call.

Solution: Try giving your agents a break time for themselves. Ask them to move between phone and text interactions; those transitions can improve their engagement. Also, you can try call center games to shake things up!


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