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Contact Center Industry: Let's Welcome 2022

Welcome 2022

Certainly, 2020 was thought of as the year with great opportunities for the Contact Center Industry, and it sure was, but we never imagined that 2021 would come with bigger changes.

As expected, with all the pandemic matter, all contact centers have gone through many of changes, but fortunately, it looks like it is turning its way into a more positive direction.

Let’s do a quick review: in 2020, the global contact center industry was valued at approximately $339 billion and is expected to hit $496 billion by 2027. But what’s coming for contact centers in 2022? Here are some predictions and forecasts from industry leaders for what we can expect this year.

Customer Service: Becoming More Demanded

COVID Will No Longer Be an Excuse for Poor Customer Service

Our attention spans are getting shorter as technology increases. When you combine that with pandemic delays and terrible customer service, you've got a recipe for irritated customers.

Customers were never particularly patient when it came to customer service. That is why, despite their sophistication, most people dislike IVR systems. Almost every time, customers will prefer quick, immediate service from a human.

To stay afloat during the pandemic, numerous businesses had to prioritize money over customer care. While some customers may have tolerated poor customer service because of the pandemic, today's customers are steadily losing patience with that excuse.

This is due to two factors: COVID is so 2020, which means people are ready to move on, and businesses are now battling it out in a fiercely competitive environment that may result in greater customer care.

Agent Engagement: Make it Your Top Priority

COVID was hard on call centers and their workforce

Not only were agents dealing with the same difficulties as everyone else, but they also had the challenge to engage and empathize with the customers that were calling. This was extremely stressful, which explains why agent attrition increased dramatically last year.

Remember – if your agents are frustrated, your clients will notice and choose to spend their money somewhere else. So, make sure you take care of your agents and give them the tools they need to not only be effective and productive, but also engaged and empowered.

In a few words, if contact centers want to keep their talent and provide better customer experiences in 2022, they must make agent engagement a top priority.

Digital Transformation: Still Essential in 2022

In 2021, the contact center industry had to make significant investments in their technology in order to monitor IT operations (particularly with hybrid & work-from-home models), provide proper data backup, keep up with call volumes, and maintain high levels of security & customer expectations.

On the other hand, customers are on board with a digital-first approach to customer service. While most businesses should provide omnichannel support (including traditional phone service), effective self-service call center technologies have been demonstrated to increase customer satisfaction.


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