Why Santa has a Great Customer Service

Why Santa has a Great Customer Service

It’s Christmas season, the most wonderful time of the year. And every kid is hoping with excitement to get a Christmas present from Santa Claus. There are many things we can learn from him, from his kindness to his customer service.

Yes, his customer service, he probably has one of the best customer services in the world, just see all the kids smiling on December 25th. For that reason, there are many things we can learn from him. These are the reasons why Santa has great customer service.

Client’s Satisfaction is its Main Goal

Santa’s main goal is to make his clients, the kids, happy and all his employees, the elves, know that as well. This helps them to focus on what really matters and make smart decisions based on this purpose. Imagine a kid doesn’t receive a gift on time just because there are many millions more kids this year and Santa didn’t hire enough elves, or if the gift has a Halloween themed wrap only because the paper was in discount. Santa knows that customer satisfaction is more important than a few dollars or any other thing.


Happy Elves

But Santa also knows that customer satisfaction is as important as its employee satisfaction. You will always see the elves smiling while they do their job, why? First, because they know the purpose of their job, they know that with what they do they make people happy, because they have a great leader, the kindness man in the North Pole, because they have a good incentive program with things they like such as candies, cookies, hot chocolate and lots of fun.


Useful and Updated Data Base

Santa probably has the best database in the world. He knows the name and age of the kids; their exact address and he keeps a record to know if they have been good or bad through the year. And, the most important thing, this database is always updated. Can you think of a time when Santa sent a gift to the kid’s old address because they moved? Sometimes he even knows where to send the gifts when the kids are on vacation or at their grandpa’s house.


Adopts New Technology & Multichannel

We all know the traditional cards will never get old, but that doesn’t mean you can’t email, call or fill a web form to tell Santa what you want. Santa is adopting new technology to make sure every kid can submit their gift request. Kids nowadays can choose the most convenient channel from them and their gifts will arrive (if they’re good).


Customer Experience

Santa knows that experience is everything. He makes sure everyone receives what they asked on time, he leaves it under the tree, sometimes he gives little extras, and if the kids leave cookies, he at least has a bite, and sometimes he leaves traces but always keeps the surprise factor, because that is what causes kids’ excitement, that is the customer experience he designed.


Manages his Personnel on High Volume Seasons

The number of kids keeps growing and growing every year, Santa needs to make sure he has the exact personnel to fulfill the solicitations without missing a kid or burnout their elves with work. He makes the right forecast of the demand and hires the elves he will need to keep offering great customer service.


Strategic Partnership with Parents

Last but not least, even Santa needs help, we know that strategic partnerships will let him offer an even better service. He has an alliance with the parents because sometimes the kids ask for something that his elves can produce, that would be very expensive to do or should be bought in a specific store. Sometimes parents can help Santa translate the kids’ messages. There are many things that parents can help them do because they have the expertise, they know their kids. And it is ok to seek help to offer an excellent service.


Do you also want to offer great customer service? Learn from Santa’s practices, what of those things you can also implement in your contact center?


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