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Benefits of a Mexico Work-From-Home Call Center

Mexico Work-From-Home Agents

Since the last two years, companies have continued to struggle getting their call center operation transitioned to a work from home environment, and having the right tools to be able to manage is key. We knew the transition to a WFH setting was needed, but we didn't expect to be forced to do it from one day to another.

We now know many companies are facing big challenges to scale their team and maintain a good service level, while still being able to control performance and manage the personnel on their daily tasks. A nearshore work-from-home contact center in Mexico would be a solution.


Why Mexico?

Mexico has the largest bilingual workforce pool in Latin America with 15.6 million English speakers. We also have unique nearshore benefits for a remote call center operation, from scalability for its large population, cultural and time zone alignment, a cost-saving opportunity and more. Here we tell you more about these benefits:


  1. Scalability

  2. Bicultural & Bilingual Agents 

  3. Cost Saving Opportunity

  4. Time Zone Alignment



Mexico has the largest English-speaking population in Latin America with over 15 million people, this translates into a large recruitment pool. Therefore, you can grow your WFH team faster with the specific skills you need for your business.


Bicultural & Bilingual Agents

Thanks to Mexico’s proximity to the U.S. Mexico Nearshore agents have a strong American culture influence. For example, over 30% of our work-from-home agents have lived in the United States at some point in their lives or grew up watching American cartoons and series, so they don’t only have a great English with minimal to no accent, but they can understand North American customer and easily build rapport and offer an excellent customer service experience.


Cost Saving Opportunity

Mexico's labor force is very competitive in a world-wide level. Wages are about 50% less compared with the United States due to the cost of living, food, transportation, healthcare, etc., all of these factors are less expensive in Mexico. This represents a cost-saving opportunity because you can hire a Mexico remote call center agent with the same skill sets at a lower cost.


Time Zone Alignment

Mexico shares both Pacific Time (Tijuana) and Eastern Time (Mexico City) alignment with the United States which allows total communication in real-time with the operation team. You don’t need to wait hours or days to make updates, changes or observations to your nearshore team.

It is true that a call center in Mexico has these great advantages for a Work-from-home model but starting a remote call center operation in another country can be challenging and it might be better to hire a call center company to help you with that.

Call Center Services International can help you start your WFH model in Mexico, we will take care of all the administrative functions such as HR, Payroll, Finance and IT so you don’t need to worry about how to do business in Mexico, you will have little to no legal risk here. Know more about this model here or contact us to discuss further your needs.


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