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3 Ways to Create a Paperless Environment Call Center

3 Ways to Create a Paperless Environment Call Center
Maintaining a paperless environment not only improves employee efficiency (making it easy to manage and track their workload) and reduces environmental impact, but also, in the Call Center Industry, it represents a big leap forward into enhancing information security and minimizing risk, not to mention significantly reducing operational costs.

Most of us already know these and other immediate and long-term benefits of a work environment that has no paper, but how can you make a paperless call center a reality?

Here are three suggestions to cut paper out of your call center operations:

1. Paperless Environment Policy.

First you need a foundation. Create a clear and simple Paperless Environment Policy and make sure you communicate it to the whole contact center operations staff. The best way to do this is with an initial course, evaluation, and certification. You can repeat this process to reinforce communication of this policy if needed. Everyone has to buy in into the transition as a permanent new way of doing business.

2. Behavior Change.

Realize that a paperless environment does not happen overnight. Change can be difficult. New routines will have to be learned. So, when it comes to changing your work culture into a paperless environment, you should do it by taking small steps. Start by refusing to use the "sticky" note ("post-it") or any type of notepads. Instead, have them turn to notes functions available on their computer. Or consider providing whiteboards. These are not paper, but serve the same purpose. Preventing call center agents from writing down and removing information from their work space will ensure that all operation processes are done on the computer, without having to record anything on paper (forms or notes). However, be sure to take your agents through the change process a little at a time with proper training.

3. Invest in Tools to Manage Incoming and Outgoing Documents

Technology provides a host of smart tools to help your call center reduce the use of paper. A few examples:

• Scan all incoming documents and put them directly onto a CRM system or the like.
• Send out training notes by e-mail only.
• For moving and storing large files, consider investing in an online file transfer system.
• Eliminate paper faxes by generating them on your computer and having in-bound faxes delivered to your computer system.
• Use an electronic signature-stamp for outgoing documents.

However, not all customers will want to be billed or contacted electronically. Therefore, when it comes to outgoing paper, make it a self-contained process. Paper is often a necessity for outgoing documents, just make sure that it is out the door fast.

These suggestions are foused on increasing information security, but keep in mind that every step towards a paperless environment call center will also save you time, money, storage space and clutter.

At Call Center Services International we understand your information security concerns and responsibilities. CCSI not only focuses on equipping our call center agents with the proper knowledge and skills required, but also on maintaining a paperless environment and other procedures to ensure a high level of security and minimize risk. Read more about our nearshore call center solutions.

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