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Agent Engagement: A Must-Have in the Contact Center Industry

Agent Engagement

Customer satisfaction has always required high levels of agent engagement; it’s the most important ingredient. Efficiency, production, and customer happiness are nearly certain to suffer without it.

So, why is agent engagement more crucial now than it has ever been in the run-up to 2022? The answer is quite simple: today, customers have higher expectations for businesses.

Customers expect:

  • Quick service with fewer customer contacts
  • More empathy
  • Knowledgeable personnel
  • Flexible communication methods

How to Define Agent Engagement?

Here's how to tell if a contact center agent is engaged. The more actions on this list they exhibit, the more involved they are with their job and the company:

  • Effortless and conscientious
  • In their employment, they are upbeat and motivated
  • They are eager to develop and increase their knowledge
  • Embraces the mission, vision, and values of the firm

Keeping your agents engaged will prove essential for contact center management this year.

Why is Agent Engagement so Important in 2022?


Agent Attrition is Worse Than Ever

Contact centers have been plagued by high employee turnover for a long time. As a contact center manager, one of your primary responsibilities is distinguishing between engaged and disengaged call center agents.

What are the consequences of ignoring disengaged agents?

  • Employees were lost to competition
  • Low morale in the call center environment
  • Increase of expenses associated with training and recruitment

Customer Service is Now a Major Source of Revenue

Without the same commission as a sales professional, customer service representatives are naturally taking more of a sales position. Your company's most important source of revenue could be jeopardized if you don't give your customer service personnel the right incentives.

How Companies Can Promote Agent Engagement?

Now we understand that agent engagement is essential, but how can we as contact center leaders promote it?
Here are some options:

Embrace WFH Permanently

We learned at COVID-19 that remote work is here to stay. This is true across the board, even in the contact center industry. About 10% of contact centers use only in-office work settings, and many BPOs have none or almost no office space.

Most call centers say that 10-40% of their agents work remotely, supporting the fact that, while brick-and-mortar centers will continue to exist, contact center leaders must continue to adopt a hybrid call center balance.

Improved Work Environments

To keep agents engaged, contact centers must think about the work environment they provide their employees – whether they work from home or in the office – and make sure it keeps them motivated, focused, and productive.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Physical workspace – consider lighting, noise levels, and workstation spacing to ensure that agents can work without being distracted. Consider giving remote workers a compensation so they can customize their workspace to meet their needs.
  • Perks and benefits — offering competitive remuneration and benefits can assist your agents' quality of life outside of work, allowing them to bring their best selves to work.
  • Team culture – create opportunities for touchpoints and feedback so that your agents feel supported and heard. Building a culture based on empathy and compassion will empower them to replicate the same principles when dealing with customers.

In conclusion, take care of your agents and give them the tools they need to not only be effective and productive but also engaged and empowered. Remember, if we want to keep their talent and provide better customer experiences in 2022, we must make agent engagement a top priority.

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