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Check'n Go's Baja Team Helps Achieve Record-Breaking Day

Check'n Go's Baja Team Helps Achieve Record-Breaking Day
When Check 'n Go needed greater call center capacity to support their 1,000 stores and on-line lending programs they established a near-shore support Center in Baja California Mexico.
The Baja Center is fully integrated with the main Ohio Center, and gave them additional Agent capacity, bilingual

The Baja Center helped Check ‘n Go post a record-breaking 5,000 loans funded in a single day. At a celebration lunch, Amanda Wash, Director of Customer Service for Check 'n Go, spoke to her Baja Team, “What a great accomplishment … 5,000 loans in a day! Not only did you break our transaction record, you crushed it!”


This is truly a remarkable feat! Love to see those records come crashing down. Congratulations to all involved. - Doug Clark, President of Axcess Financial (Check 'n Go Parent)


Check `n Go partnered with Call Center Services International to establish their Baja Contact Center and provided continuous Administrative support for the operation. CCSI expertise in Baja Mexico made this a seamless venture for Check ‘n Go.

About Check 'n Go
Check `n Go is a leader in the consumer financial industry, providing instant cash advances. Check 'n Go operates almost 1,000 stores nationwide and has established a successful online lending operation at checkngo.com

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Call Center Services International (CCSI) is a World-class Contact Center strategically located in Baja California, Mexico (minutes from San Diego, California), helping US companies establish high-performance "nearshore" Contact Centers in Baja California.