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Celebrating CCSI’s 11 Years of Growth

Celebrating CCSI’s 11 Years of Growth

This year Call Center Services International reaches the 11 years mark establishing nearshore contact centers in Mexico. But what’s really important is what we have been able to achieve during those years.

This means a lot to us because throughout these years we have helped our clients to reduce cost and increase performance, we have created more than a thousand jobs in the region, and we have always surpassed our own goals.

If we take a look at CCSI history, we can see how we have kept a continuous growth. We started our operations back in 2008 with only 3 clients and 50 agents, we doubled, tripled our growth to the 1,300 agents we currently have in 4 facilities and 2 cities. But those numbers mean nothing if we don’t see what that represents.


We’re proud of saying that our first client is still with us. Yes, we have grown, but our clients have grown as well. CCSI celebrates its client’s achievements because we have been part of them, when they reach the 1 million dollars in collections mark, for example, or when they grow to 50, 100 or more agents.


Another very important thing to keep in mind during this celebration is that our talented bilingual agents are what make our success possible. That is why we always find the best ways to treat them, to pamper them, because we know that happiness can be reflected in performance.


And last, but not least. Continuous improvement, we need to be better every year that goes by. In 2015 we got the ISO 20000 certification, one year later we became PCI compliant, and we are always improving or processes and the way we do things, from the way we recruit, the way we communicate with our clients, or how we build up spaces for up to 200 agents.


All we do is to be the world’s best value-based Call Center for Companies seeking a nearshore solution providing exceptional call center value with highly skilled agents and outstanding customer satisfaction.


These events make us reflect on what we have achieved as a team, honor our company’s transformation through the years and look upon a future full of endless possibilities!