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CCSI Opening a New Baja Center at Bit Center Tijuana

CCSI Opening a New Baja Center at Bit Center Tijuana

CCSI is happy to announce we are opening a new facility in Baja. Call Center Services International has had fast growth during the last years. Just in 2018, we closed 12 new clients, companies that want to expand their operations to Mexico. But not only that, our current clients are growing their nearshore operations

, thanks to the great performance they are reaching and the saving opportunity it represents for them.

For that reason, CCSI is opening a new facility in Baja at the Software Center of Tijuana, the Bit Center. It is a 20,000 sqft building located at the financial district of Tijuana and featuring top-notch infrastructure. The Bit Center is currently a space for Software, IT and communications companies. CCSI is expected to start its new operations by May of this year with a capacity of 300 seats.


What this new facility represents for CCSI is the capability to continue offering the opportunity for US companies to establish their nearshore cost-saving contact center in Mexico. And, more space for our clients to expand their current operations and success.