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Thanksgiving Celebration At CCSI

Thanksgiving Celebration At CCSI

As is a tradition here at CCSI, this year we had our annual potluck to celebrate Thanksgiving and take this opportunity to thank the team for all the effort they put in their work and remind them to never forget that we are a family.


The top management team gave some words for the teams and gave thanks for all we have accomplished this year.


“Thank god for all the blessings we received this year and through all our lives… Thank you to all of you, as you can see the growth that we are having without all your hard work and dedication and commitment to the company it wouldn’t happen… last year we have gone from 1000 and now we may be at 2000 by the end of this year” – Eric Esparza, President


At CCSI we like to see our coworkers as a family, it is a family company after all and as we grow, we want to continue to keep that going Jorge Oros said:


“We have seen a lot of changes, big changes, but we try not to lose our essence and who we are, to continue to be a family. As we grow, it becomes harder, but we empower our leaders to be able to do that.” -Jorge Oros, VP of Operations


Jorge continued…


“We are creating jobs for a lot of people and that’s why we should be thankful because a lot of people have this opportunity. We have a big platform to really make a difference in our country and we rely on everyone here to be able to do that and own it.”


Using this occasion, we want to thank our clients and partners that also contribute to our success. We hope to be part of theirs as well.