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call center needs and the benefits

Call Center Services International & CCW Digital’s latest How-to Guide: How to Leverage the Right Nearshore Partner

CCW How-to Guide

For the last months, solution providers are allowing more call centers to keep operational control over their agents and processes through nearshoring, whether they are working from home or on-site.


When selecting the right customer services solutions, and nearshoring options to leverage a contact center partner for the future, there are specific factors, trends, and potential benefits that need to be addressed to improve the overall business function.


“We kept our operation open and, in some cases, expanded it to keep up with the increasing demand for agents. Also, it helped to drive better operational processes that kept jobs safe. As a result, our clients saw a rapid increase in customer service performance, reduced wait times, and first call resolution.”- Frank Esparza, VP of Sales and Marketing, Call Center Services International.


This guide covers the newest consumer behavior trends and their implications for customer service procedures, the value of proximity and management control in contact centers, cultural alignment, and communication with U.S. consumers, optimal pricing models, recruitment, scalability, and infrastructure trends.


Download this guide to go over the processes that businesses should take when choosing a nearshore customer service solution and the aspects to think about.




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