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Cross-Border IT Projects Strengthen SoCal/Baja Region

Cross-Border IT Projects Strengthen SoCal/Baja Region
The link between San Diego/Southern California and Baja, Mexico seems to be strengthening as IT companies continue to do cross-border transactions and work on projects together.

Call Center Services International President Eric Esparza recently talked to Nearshore Americas about how the interest in the region's talent is growing. "This link has been largely motivated by the needs of US-based companies, mainly in the financial sector, looking for a highly talented and cost effective workforce," said Mr. Esparza

He stressed that the Baja region has excelled in providing Southern California with cost-effective nearshore solutions, especially in the sectors of IT Help Desk, Server Management, Virtualization, Network Management and Software Development.

"Working together on these projects is a win-win for both regions. The US spends less and in turn is able to redirect that cost savings elsewhere in their companies, while the Baja region earns more experience and gains more confidence of their US counterparts," he said, adding that the region is benefitting greatly from these advantages.

"As a result, we expect IT jobs such as developers and programmers to be on the rise in the following years which is great news for the SoCal/Baja California region which we call the Mega Region," Esparza said.

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