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Customer Service Week at CCSI: The Importance of Customer Service

Customer Service Week at CCSI: The Importance of Customer Service

Like every year, this week we are celebrating Customer Service Week. This event takes place internationally in the first week of October and many companies participate to honor the people who support the customers.


Customer Service Week is a big opportunity to boost employee morale, customer satisfaction awareness and show appreciation to our agents. To commemorate this week, our Business Development Team, visited our 3 Tijuana Facilities and interviewed some of our talented agents what do they believe is the importance of customer service. We got some insightful answers that are worth to share. Look at the following videos to listen to their answers.


“We want to give our customers a pleasant experience with the conversation we share with them, we want to look for solutions for them, we want to make sure we knowledge their needs and provide everything and anything they require at those moments” Luis Delgado, CCSI’s Campaign Supervisor


“We have the chance to help consumers clarify doubts, concerns, also make them understand that they are persons dealing with a live person on the other side that understands their concerns. If I was a consumer like them, I would like to have that type of customer service” – Susy Gallardo, CCSI’s Campaign Supervisor


“Customer service is a way to drive success, you try a person right, they are going to relate to you, at the end of the day it’s about taking care of the person on the phone or a client” – Joe, Legal Account Representative at CCSI


“I like to treat people the way I like to be treated, it’s such a great feeling to get your attention, your interest, that you care about the person’s feeling and understand them” -Robert, CCSI’s Agent


Customer Service importance should be kept in mind all year long, let’s continue motivating, training and cultivating customer service in our companies.


CCSI is proud to have amazing call center agents, supervisors, and leaders that understand the culture of customer service. Learn more about our workforce.