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PLNU Business Students Visit CCSI to Learn about Mexico’s Business Opportunities

PLNU Business Students Visit CCSI to Learn about Mexico’s Business Opportunities

Oct 25, 2019. Last Friday a group of Business International Students from Point Loma Nazarene University visited Call Center Services International for the 3rd time.

The students enjoyed a Tour of the CCSI Otay Facilities in Tijuana, Mexico and a Q&A session with the Business Development team and the President of the company. The students had the chance to learn first-hand about Nearshore and why Mexico is a great business opportunity for U.S. companies.


Business International Students at the CCSI Tour


Sal Ramirez and Luis Galindo from the Business Development Team welcomed the group and guided them through the center, the students had the opportunity to speak with managers and supervisors on the floor and learn about their activities, and how they manage tasks for CCSI’s clients, such as customer service, loan processing and tech support,  alongside that  activity the students viewed the great work culture and team onboarding that operations have. At the Q&A session, Eric Esparza, CCSI’s President talked a little about the history of the company and the biggest challenges they had had to face as a fast-growing company.


Business Development Team Hosting The Tour for the Students


CCSI always likes to receive these visits to share their experience with future business leaders and show them the advantages of doing business in Mexico such as the bilingual and bicultural workforce, the cost-saving opportunity and proximity.


Eric Esparza, CCSI's President at the Q&A session with the students


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