Facts About Collection Agency Operations and Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facts About Collection Agency Operations and Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]
In 2014, collection agency operations professionals are approaching technology to improve business processes, contact center management, and maintain compliance, showing that they prioritize integration, PCI compliance and customer service over per-transaction pricing when selecting a payment solution.

This was a fundamental takeaway from a recent survey of collection technology solutions and the priorities of decision-making accounts receivable management professionals conducted by BillingTree and insideARM.

The following infographic presents the key findings from that survey with respect to business growth opportunities and risks, adoption of payment technology trends, and convenience fees charged to consumers.
CCSI facts about collection agency operations and technology 01At Call Center Services International (CCSI), we understand your compliance responsibilities. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to recruit and train call center agents that will integrate to your debt collection operation and meet compliance. Read more about our debt collection solution here.

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