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Meet Us At Call Center Week 2014

Meet Us At Call Center Week 2014
Top Companies such as Time Warner, Avis/Budget, Direct TV, Verizon, and Beach Body Fitness have established nearshore call centers in Baja California, Mexico because of several key advantages.
If you are interested in establishing a nearshore contact center, then we would like to meet you at the 15th Annual Call Center Week Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, NV from June 11-13.

Call Center Services International (CCSI) has a proven solution for companies seeking to establish a nearshore call center operation. This is not "outsourcing", rather your Baja Center becomes an extension of your existing operation and is managed by your U.S. team. This approach is highly successful because it allows you to maintain control of your call center operation, reduce operational costs, and measure performance in real-time.
Key Advantages Of A Nearshore Center:

  • Abundant availability of bilingual, bi-cultural, and professional call center agents
  • Reduced labor and operational costs by 50% (versus U.S. operation)
  • World-class facilities and IT infrastructure
  • Call Center located minutes from San Diego, California
We will be at Call Center Week 2014 in Las Vegas from June 11-13 and would be delighted to meet with you to discuss how a Baja call center will reduce agent expenses, provide a nearshore facility and boost bottom line profits.

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