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Meet Us At The 18th Annual DBA International Conference

Meet Us At The 18th Annual DBA International Conference
Near-Shore Collection Agents will allow you to increase Recovery Capacity, reduce Overhead Costs, and maintain Collection Process Control. Meet us at the DBA Conference in Las Vegas February 3rd to the 5th...

Call Center Services International (CCSI) has a proven Debt Collection solution that will allow you to increase Agent Recovery Horsepower from our  located in Baja California, Mexico (minutes from San Diego). The advantages of Baja California are the abundance of performance driven, bilingual and FDCPA certified Agents that are significantly less cost than their U.S. counterparts.
near-shore collection center
This is NOT “outsourcing”, rather your Baja California collections floor becomes an extension of your operation and is managed by your management team as part of the recovery strategy. This allows you to establish a satellite operation without legal exposure in Mexico and with minimal capital expenditure.

As DBA International members, we support their mission to enhance the economic performance and liquidity of the international financial services industry.

Please contact us to discuss how establishing a Collections Floor with CCSI will help your organization increase recoveries, reduce costs and maintain Collection Process Control. Tel. (877) 399-3419. We look forward to meeting you at the DBA Conference in Las Vegas.