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Westlake Auto Finance Executive Brian Renfro Shares Insights At The 2021 LendIt Fintech Conference

LendIt Fintech Roundtable

In April, the LendIt Fintech 2021 kicked off with a bang! Featuring top executives from the United States and Europe sharing their insights on Lending and Financial Service trends. One roundtable event focused on Successfully Expanding Your Contact Center Operation Utilizing Nearshore Mexico.


This roundtable panel featured Brian Renfro, SVP of Servicing for Westlake Auto Finance. Westlake Auto Finance is a U.S. leader in the Auto lending industry with over $10-billion in loans and services. Mr. Renfro has 20-years of executive management experience and currently oversees 1000 customer service agents in two U.S., one Mexico and one Philippines Contact Center.


The Panel discussed Why Mexico versus other destinations. Mr. Renfro focused on how Westlake integrates their Mexico Center with the U.S. operation. According to him, "Going to Mexico was the ideal scenario. It felt like home to me. It looked identical to my L.A. office. A call center that has the same time and is managed in the same way.”


They also discussed the key benefits of Mexico, such as bilingual workforce, management proximity control, and cultural / time-zone alignment with U.S. customers. These benefits are essential in handling Financial Service inquires and ensuring a great customer experience. Mr. Renfro speaking about Mexico, "It's no different from my Texas or L.A. Centers. Performance has been on par with the same metrics as anywhere else. We just need to spend time like we spend time anywhere else, meet the people, do training and all the things that you would do if it were a center across the street."


About Westlake Financial Services
Westlake Financial Services is an Internet-based, privately held finance company specializing in the acquisition and servicing of sub-prime and non-prime automotive retail installment contracts. Headquartered in Southern California, Westlake originates indirect retail installment contracts through a network of 21,000 new and used car dealers throughout the United States. Website: www.westlakefinancial.com


LendIt FinTech Roundtable Event Sponsor
Call Center Services International (CCSI) is a World-Class Contact Center strategically located in Baja California, Mexico (minutes from San Diego, California) and Mexico City, Mexico. CCSI helps U.S. companies establish high-performance and cost-effective bilingual nearshore Contact Centers in Mexico. Contact us to know more about our services. Website: www.ccsi.com