Nearshore Or Offshore, What Contact Center Expansion Option Is A Better Fit?

Nearshore Or Offshore, What Contact Center Expansion Option Is A Better Fit?

Offshore contact centers are well known as a low-cost solution and Nearshore outsourcing for their proximity to the United States. But which contact center service is better for you?

There are some advantages to consider, like time zone, cultural alignment, accessibility, workforce management and the kind of processes you can implement with these contact center services. Let’s compare Nearshore and Offshore contact center services to see which is a better fit for your company’s needs.


  Nearshore Offshore 
Time Zone   Similar time zones, might differ from 0-3 hours  The time differs from 10-16 hours
 Cultural Alignment  The culture is similar to the US in nearer countries. They also have a strong influence from US media, such as TV, music and social media. There is an abundant pool of people with excellent English skills.  The culture in this country is different from the one in the US. Agents need to receive cultural training and adapt to it. There is also a good amount of English speakers even though they might not have an American accent.
 Accessibility  Proximity to the US. It can take from 1 to 5 hours by plane with an average travel cost of $400 USD. You can have real-time interaction with your nearshore team almost all the time.  Farther from the US. It can take from 18 to 23 hours by plane with an average travel cost of $1,500 USD. Real-time interaction is limited because of the time zone, unless you have a night shift.
 Workforce Management  You can manage and collaborate with your nearshore team easily. You can visit your contact center operation when you feel is required without spending a lot of money and time. You create a stronger relationship with your team and with your contact center partners. You can train the trainer or send a trainer to train your team when needed.  Management and collaboration is limited due to time zone and distance. You need to give flexibility and empowerment to your offshore team.
 Cost  You can reduce your operations overhead cost by up to 50% compared to the US.  The greatest advantage of an offshore option is cost reduction. It can be up to 10 to 30% less than a nearshore option.
 Process / Business Activity  You do not need to worry about having complicated processes because you can still have total control of the operation. You can adjust the process when needed and update your team easily.  It is recommended to have a well explained and easy to follow process, since you might not have complete control of the operation. It is better to have non-core activities at an offshore service.


If you are looking for a low-cost service to outsource a non-core process and simple activity where you do not require having a lot of control and minimum training, it is better for your company to expand with an offshore contact center. However, if you want to reduce the investment of your operation expansion when you have more complicated processes and you want to maintain full control and adjust, train, and improve it constantly, it is definitely better to choose a Nearshore contact center that matches your company culture.

Call Center Services International offers Nearshore contact center services in Mexico for U.S. companies. We do not consider ourselves an outsourcing service, rather we become a satellite facility of your existing operation. This means we have the advantages of a Nearshore outsourcing service, such as the cultural alignment, low investment, time zone, etc. but we give you more control of the operation, since the workforce is managed by your U.S team. This way, we guarantee that you will have the same or even better results as your US operation. Discover more about Call Center Services International.

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