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5 More Annoying Contact Center Phrases Customers (And You) Hate to Hear

5 More Annoying Contact Center Phrases Customers (And You) Hate to Hear

Have you read our previous article, “8 Horrifying Phrases You Never Want To Hear In Your Call Center”? Here are 5 more annoying phrases your customers (and you) hate to hear from Contact Center staff.

There are a lot of phrases that can ruin the customer experience. Customers hate to hear phrases that give them the impression that you don’t really care about them, that you aren’t willing to help them, and that you are not capable of helping them. Sometimes the situation can be the same, but if we make the mistake of choosing the wrong words to answer a question, customers can feel annoyed and frustrated. Here some examples and how to avoid them.

Your Call Is Very Important To Us, Please Hold

So annoying having to hear this several times without an answer! When customers hear this phrase, they automatically know they will need to wait in line for a long time and the part of “very important for us” losses all sense for the customer. This phrase is said by a voice recording and is so overused that it has lost the human touch customers are looking for. It is necessary to have the correct agent capacity to manage every call and a correct workforce management to handle the high call volumes. Please avoid using the same old typical phrase everyone is using.


I Am Going To Put You On Hold

Again, wait. Customers have things to do and don’t like to be kept waiting, they feel they are losing time. But, we know that sometimes we must put our customers on hold. If this is the case, let them know why. Explain what you are going to do while they are on hold. This way, they will not feel it’s a waste of time, they will know that you are helping them while they wait.

You can say something like: Let me verify this information.


The Problem Is The Manufacturer’s/Distributor’s Responsibility

Consumers expect you to help them solve their problems because they chose you, they dealt with you, they bought from you, and they paid YOU. So, they expect you to help them with their problems. It’s true that in some cases we will not be able to solve specific problems that have to do with our suppliers or partners. But, you should not tell them that it is not your responsibility. You should look for some way to bring them closer to the solution. One way to do this is by putting them in contact with the supplier or partner, or taking ownership of the problem by communicating with the corresponding people to solve the customer's problem.

You can answer: “We can help you by contacting the manufacturer”


I Believe / I Think

We normally use these words when we are unsure about something and the customer knows it. Using these phrases can make you seem clueless and, therefore, unable to provide what they need. Agents need to show confidence in what they say, they need to answer with assertive phrases. We don’t know everything, and we cannot say “I don’t know.” But don’t make our answer vague with “I believe” or “I think.” We can tell them that you will look for the correct answer.

Use: “Let me find out for you”


You Called The Wrong Extension/Department

Can you guess why customers hate this phrase? Because the agent is getting rid of the responsibility, because he or she is not willing to help the customer, and this means that the customer will need to make an extra effort and take extra time to reach the “right” person or department. They can feel frustrated for not finding the correct number or because of the need to call again. Every department has its own responsibility and they manage different functions. But, the first contact should own the problem and help the customer. In the end, it’s the same company. Remember, first contact resolution can help you increase customer satisfaction and reduce cost.

A good answer would be: “I’ll find an answer for you.”


Now that you know more phrases your agents must avoid, it’s time to act! Prepare a quick training for your agents and consider this for your QA evaluations. What other phrases can you think of?


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