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What Makes Tijuana A Unique Nearshore Location?

What Makes Tijuana A Unique Nearshore Location?

We know that the principal advantage of the nearshore model is proximity, which comes with several advantages for contact centers, such as cultural alignment, talented bilingual agents, similar time zones, and better operational control than with offshore services.

Tijuana is one of the closest nearshore locations for the United States and this accentuates the advantages of nearshore: giving a larger pool of bilingual agents, better cultural alignment, the ability to have, even more, control of the operation and considerably reducing the indirect costs that come with it. BPOs are looking at Tijuana to invest in a nearshore contact center. But what really makes Tijuana so unique?

As Peter Ryan mentions in its article Tijuana Makes A Strong Nearshore Contact Center Case:

“Tijuana’s scale of its metropolitan population of just under two million residents is on par with nearshore hot-spots San Salvador and San Pedro Sula. But, Tijuana’s proximity to the US has afforded its citizens' strong English language skills that few competing locations can offer. Consider that roughly 75,000 Tijuana residents cross into San Diego each day for work, providing these individuals with significant exposure to English. Strategically, English is now being mandated as a compulsory subject from junior high onward by the local public education authority, a development that is complemented by a growing number of private bilingual schools found within Tijuana. Combined with its omnipresent exposure to US media, and Tijuana is a potential source of scalable, culturally-aware, linguistically-diverse talent from which contact centers players can draw.”

We can mention many qualities Tijuana has. The proximity to the United States, the large and diverse population, a mix of cultures, all of this makes the city valuable for people around the world. But what is the value that Tijuana has for you, a contact center manager, investor, consultant or owner?

Erick Esparza, President of Call Center Services International, says:

“I can tell you that our clients experience a 50% reduction from their US cost by coming to Tijuana. What really makes this area attractive though is the workforce here is truly bi-cultural not just bi-lingual, which you get from the "nearness" to the US and I guarantee you won't get that anywhere else in the world. Don't forget as well that our clients love that they can fly into San Diego in the morning and fly out in the evening if need be. The "nearness" of Tijuana to San Diego (mega-region) is exactly what makes this area all the more attractive for a nearshore operation.”

These are the reasons why Tijuana is very competitive for a nearshore perspective and why the contact center outsourcing business keeps growing.

One of the main concerns about Tijuana is the violent crime rate. But, the reality is that the amount of crime against Americans in Tijuana is very small by percentage. Many American tourists keep visiting Tijuana, and businessmen too. We always say to our clients and prospects that Tijuana is a safe place. Just take precautions, like in any other big city in the world.

Call Center Services International helps US companies establish high-performance nearshore Contact Centers in Mexico, providing a World-Class Bilingual Workforce, State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure, and Proximity to U.S. (minutes from the San Diego border). CCSI has two centers in Tijuana, one in Otay (just a block from UABC, Baja California’s state university) and another at Plaza Agua Caliente (next to Grand Hotel Tijuana). We invite you to visit CCSI for a tour and presentation and learn about the advantages Tijuana has for you.