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Point Loma Nazarene University Intl. Business Students Visit CCSI

Point Loma Nazarene University Intl. Business Students Visit CCSI

Last Friday, April 13, a group of International Business students from Point Loma Nazarene University visited our Call Center Services International Otay Center to learn about the challenges and opportunities of international business, cross-cultural management, marketing, and ethics.

Eric Esparza, President of Call Center Services International (CCSI), gave them a tour of our facilities to show them our contact center operations capacity and explained CCSI’s nearshore business model, followed by a Q&A session with the students.

27 students visited our Otay facilities in Tijuana, Mexico. Eric Esparza welcomed the group and talked about nearshore services that CCSI provides to U.S. contact centers, as well as the opportunities the Baja Region offers thanks to its proximity to the U.S., abundant talent pool of bilingual and bicultural agents, and years of experience in establishing manufacturing companies and now contact centers.


After a brief introduction, the international business students went on a tour of our facilities, visited some of our operations areas, where they learned about the different processes we manage for our clients, such as debt collection, order processing and loan servicing. But most importantly, they got a good idea of how we do it, how we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure success of their nearshore Mexico center. They also visited our fully equipped breakroom, QA department, and training rooms, where they had the opportunity to talk with some of the call center supervisors and instructors.


Finally, the visit concluded with a Q&A session where Frank Esparza, VP of Sales and Marketing, joined the conversation, giving the students some helpful advice and answering a few questions from the group. The students enjoyed their visit to CCSI and learned a lot about the nearshore opportunities that the Baja Mexico region has to offer.


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Call Center Services International (CCSI) helps US companies establish high-performance nearshore Contact Centers in Mexico, providing a World-Class Bilingual Workforce, State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure, and Proximity to the U.S. (minutes from the San Diego border or in Mexico City


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