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USD Trans-border Institute visits CCSI’s Otay Center

USD Trans-border Institute visits CCSI’s Otay Center

July 2019, CCSI welcomed a group of students from the University of San Diego Trans-border Institute, in one of its Nearshore Mexico operation centers.

The visit took place at the Otay Center in Tijuana, its main center in the region that houses world-class infrastructure with 85,000 sqft.

During the 4-hour visit, the team which consisted of 15 students had the opportunity to meet with the Business Development Team, Salvador Ramirez, Luis Galindo and the General Managers for CCSI’s Otay Luis Martinez & Plaza Agua Caliente Center, Gustavo Leon.


The students had the opportunity to learn the sales processes and operational management, by engaging and interacting with CCSI’s operations team and top-level sales executives of the company.


USD Trans-Boder Students Touring CCSI's Operations


Students gathered insights into how the company manages different ongoing processes such as debt collection, appointment setting and loan servicing, as well as the collaboration from different departments such as HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing join their forces to achieve the business goals and meet client implementation deadlines.


The students also had a 1-hour tour inside the operations floor to meet Call Center Services International’s  bi-cultural and bilingual agents and managers, by the end of the operation floor tour, the students were invited to a Q&A session with the sales team to have a deeper dive in to the challenges and opportunities the region offers to U.S. business. 


USD Trans-Boder Students in a Q&A Session with CCSI


During the QA sessions, there was an enriching exchange of information between the students and the sales executives. The students inquired more about the company’s corporate culture, internal policies, privacy regulations, compliance and IT Solutions for our 5 centers. They were excited about being able to understand how CCSI runs the business in Tijuana and Mexico City, helping the local community thrive and grow to build professionals while assisting American business in expanding and consolidating their economy.


About Trans-border Institute, University of San Diego

The Trans-Border Institute restores humanity to debates about migration, drug trafficking and corruption by considering "the other" on both sides. At TBI, Build sustainable peace in Mexico and the border region through research, outreach and teaching. Visit www.sandiego.edu


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Call Center Services International (CCSI) helps US companies establish high-performance nearshore Contact Centers in Mexico, providing a World-Class Bilingual Workforce, State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure, and Proximity to the U.S. (minutes from San Diego border or in Mexico City).