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Customer Service Week: What Does Customer Service Mean To You?

Customer Service Week: What Does Customer Service Mean To You?

This week we are celebrating Customer Service Week! It’s a good excuse to remind and reinforce the importance of customer service in all levels of the company. At CCSI we made several activities with the members and we created a series of videos about “What Customer Service Means To You?”

We asked this question to several key team members in our company, because customer service should not only be put in practice by our agents, but by everyone in the company, and we want to share their answers with you.

 “Customer Service for me is going that extra mile in helping people in the way they want to be treated, pin-pointing what they need sometimes before they even know what they want. So, customer service is just another way to help people out.”

Agustin Pedraza – CCSI’s Internal Development Coordinator


 “Customer Service to us at CCSI is a privilege that we have to be able to serve our clients and customers, accomplish whatever they try to accomplish and we take it seriously every day. That we want to serve the way that we would like to be served and treat everybody with respect and keeping in mind that it’s not just another number, it’s a human, it’s somebody just like us just trying to get something done.”

Jorge Oros – CCSI’s Partner, VP of Operations


 “Customer Service for me is being friendly, patient, and doing my best to go above and beyond the expected outcome.”

Melissa Yañez – CCSI’s Compliance Manager


 “Customer Service for me is listening to a customer’s concerns, being empathetic with the customer’s situation, putting myself in their shoes, understanding the situations they might be going through and, at the end of the day, it’s giving a customer reassurance that their concerns will be addressed.”

Omar Antuna – CCSI Contact Center Supervisor


Let us know what does Customer Service mean to you!


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