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Here’s Why CCSI’s Nearshore Contact Center Model Is Not "Outsourcing"

Here’s Why CCSI’s Nearshore Contact Center Model Is Not "Outsourcing"

Many would think that Call Center Services International (CCSI) is an outsourcing solution. But as our clients understand, we do not consider ourselves outsourcing.

It’s true that we offer a nearshore contact center solution to U.S. companies and that it’s a common practice for some businesses to outsource contact center processes. But our model, the way we manage your contact center services, is different. There are 4 important aspects in our model that are different from traditional outsourcing.

These are: the control you have of the operation, the way you manage your personnel, the functions we can help you with, and the processes we use.


First, we need to understand what’s outsourcing:

“Outsourcing is a business practice used by companies to reduce costs or improve efficiency by shifting tasks, operations, jobs or processes to an external contracted third party for a significant period of time.”


Now, here is a comparison of the differences of outsourcing vs. our business model:

When it comes to outsourcing, your in-house employees are not the ones who will be managing the operation. You lose control of that process. The outsourcing company will be the one that makes decisions on that operation. In contrast, with CCSI, your management team maintains full control of the agents, processes, and key performance indicators. We will provide you with a supervisor that will report directly to you. You decide how much responsibility you want to keep and what you want to delegate to us.


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When you choose an outsourcing solution, you might need to reallocate existing teams or reduce the positions you have, because the outsourcer will use their own staff to perform the task you asked for. That is not what we want. We want you to keep your existing operation in the U.S. and rather become an extension of your company. We will become your satellite center in Mexico.


Most companies look for an outsourcing solution to get rid of non-core business functions and focus on their core function. However, you can trust in CCSI to establish a contact center that will perform your core business along with you. Because, as we mentioned, you maintain control of the operation and we become an extension of your U.S business. Also, because we provide you with talented bi-cultural agents and an excellently-trained staff.


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An outsourcing company will use their own processes, systems, and technology to fulfill your needs. They have the expertise and know how to do it. But we believe that no one knows your company better than you. You already know what works best for your business needs and what makes you successful. For this reason, we learn and implement your processes and systems. Why reinvent the wheel?

The difference is that, with CCSI, you will reduce cost but also keep managerial control of your staff and your processes.

If this sounds like something that could be a good fit for your company, we would be delighted to talk with you about your contact center needs. Call us today at (877) 399-3419 or fill out our handy contact form.


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