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How to Expand your BPO to a Contact Center in Mexico

Expand BPO

A Contact Center expansion will always be top of mind for the most determined administrators looking to offer an excellent customer experience; whether they manage a startup or a large company, expanding their operations is a long-term goal.

What hinders this possibility is the lack of resources in human capital and economics. But, with the help of BPO services and their proven business model, it can help and dramatically improve a company’s expansion opportunities. 

For instance, Call Center Services International helps companies establish and expand Nearshore BPO contact centers without legal exposure and minimal capital expenditure to help them achieve their overall goals and expand their operations.

Mexico is an excellent nearshore contact center location. It provides many competitive advantages such as significant labor cost-savings of 50% versus the U.S., a large bilingual & bicultural recruitment pool, proximity, and IT land connections with the U.S.

Learn more about the Benefits of Expanding your BPO Call Center in Mexico.

Now, for a successful BPO Contact Center Expansion, there are some specific steps you could follow:

Look to the Experts

Seek industry insights and business practices that only the true experts know. Read news and articles related to Nearshore, BPOs and Contact Centers. And don’t be afraid to contact the experts, a quick call or consultation can provide you with valuable information.

Define Your Objectives

What do you want to accomplish with a call center expansion in Mexico? Some of the things you can achieve are focusing on your core business, reaching your KPI, reducing operational costs, solving your recruitment and hiring problems, and offering bilingual services. Depending on your needs, you would look for different contact center solutions.

Compare Your Options

There are several ways you can expand your BPO operation. One is to start your new center by your company itself with a larger investment. The other is to look for BPO Call Center Services companies that will help you through all the processes, providing the infrastructure and administrative support. Compare the pros and cons of each option.

Find Experienced BPO Contact Centers In Mexico

Either way, you follow to expand your operation. BPO contact center experts can provide you the advice and solutions you need for a successful nearshore expansion.

Ensure Technology and Connectivity

If you find a BPO company that can help you expand your contact center, make sure they have the technology and infrastructure you need for your operation. There are some certifications you and look for to ensure technology performance, like ISO 20000 and SOC. If you would continue on your own, choose the location and facility that meet all your requirements.

Get Involved in the Process

Get involved as much as possible during the startup and implementation of your Mexico Contact Center. This might be the most crucial step for your expansion’s success. Make sure your Mexico team has all they need to offer the same quality of service as your U.S. based call center. And don’t just stay at the start and forget about it later; keep constant communication and development.

Call Center Services International
expands BPO operations and accelerates business growth by providing labor cost advantages, increased recruitment scalability, bilingual capabilities, and a dedicated workforce that is culturally and time zone aligned to the U.S.


Our Contact Center Solutions will allow you to establish a Mexico BPO call center with minimal risk and expense while maintaining operational control of agents, processes, IT systems, and performance objectives, enabling the Mexico Center to become an extension of your existing operation.