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Best Practices To Reduce Your Call Center Attrition

Reduce Call Center Attrition

In our latest article: Call Center Attrition: Main Reasons That Can Cause It, we talked about the top causes of attrition that a call center can go through and how it is essential first to understand why it is happening and, eventually, how to actively deal with it.

Here we share with you the best practices to visibly reduce call center attrition:

  1. Identify your ideal agent profile

  2. Create a strong company culture

  3. Provide the proper training programs

  4. Reward good performance

  5. Hold an exit interview



  1. Identify Your Ideal Agent Profile

It is essential to start by identifying the type of agents that would fit best in your call center. You can accomplish this by creating an ideal persona for those who want to be your call center agents, fulfill job obligations, and aligns with your company values & culture.

Don’t forget to constantly update the job descriptions to match what you are looking for.

Also, implementing a detailed interview process with multiple stages can help you identify the right candidates, know how close you are to them, and filter out applicants who aren’t a good fit.



  1. Create a Strong Company Culture

When you have a solid company culture, you create a solid call center agent engagement and, therefore, a better culture overall. This creation sets the right work environment for how your agents interact and communicate with each other.

Company culture is not just about all the agents working together to achieve objectives but promoting personal and professional growth, encouraging work-life balance, and providing agents with career development opportunities.

Creating a solid and well-defined culture can help you attract agents on board with your mindset and goals.



  1. Provide The Right Training Programs

For agents to stay for a long time, it’s essential they feel competent and valued. You can start the move by giving them a well-developed training program to help your workforce stay updated on the latest technology and deliver high-quality service experiences.

Remember that not only will you increase customer satisfaction from excellent customer service, but you will also keep your agents informed and able to better retain the information and apply it to their day-to-day.

Fact, happy agents are more likely to stay within your company.



  1. Reward Good Performance

Remember, recognition matters, and it can be so easy and inexpensive to do. Verbal praise from the supervisor, call center manager, or even C-level leaders is a great place to start. Be creative and be consistent.

Positive feedback lets agents know what they should be doing more and focus on it. So, next time, instead of bringing attention to the bad, focus on highlighting what you would like to see out of them. This will also help them track their positive progress.

You can choose to reward good behavior through financial rewards such as bonuses or gift cards, offer non-monetary prizes such as days off, shorter work hours, or assign them to the shift or assignment of their choice. Anything to make them feel appreciated and, therefore, motivated.



  1. Hold an Exit Interview

Employees who are no longer committed to your call center are more likely to share their thoughts about their experience in the workplace. Be cautious but at the same time, take advantage of this moment by asking them to describe their experience and what could have been done better on both sides.

The information needs to be packaged, shared, and acted upon. Use this feedback to improve the experience for the next round of hires.



Now that you have identified the causes and learned some of the alternatives, you must reduce attrition is time to put it into practice!

If you are struggling to recruit and retain call center agents, CCSI Nearshore solutions can help you establish a call center in Mexico that will give you access to a large pool of bilingual agents that are culturally aligned with U.S. customers. This will not only help you scale your operation but reduce costs at the same time. Learn more about these benefits.