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5 Tips to Drive Call Center Agent Motivation

5 Tips to Drive Call Center Agent Motivation

A happy contact center workforce equals happy customers, because a motivated staff will work better and harder. Yet, different individuals respond to different incentives, and the same goes for groups, they might not all respond to the same stimulus. So, how do we boost the morale of employees on a daily basis?

Here are a few tips to build a positive call center atmosphere and ensure your agents are always motivated:

1. Improve Your Contact Center Atmosphere

If your call center is clean and welcoming, then your team will be happy to be there and motivation is much easier to come by. Create a more vibrant atmosphere by introducing color in the work space and show genuine support with positive messages and pictures where appropriate to inspire your staff to work hard and strive for success. These small, low-cost improvements can brighten the area and make a significant impact on your workforce.

Also, when you consider introducing some new furniture or even changing the room layout, involve a selection of agents to help make the choice. They are the ones who will spend hours at a workstation and their input will increase motivation and help create a better working atmosphere.

2. Provide Frequent Training & Feedback

Keep your call center agents happy by providing what they need in terms of training (soft skills as well as technical knowledge) and constructive feedback where development is needed. Focus on the things your team does well, with immediate feedback, and let the whole team know. Which brings us to the next tip...

3. Give Praise and Make It Public

Recognition is often the best way to motivate. Consider different ideas, like having a 'best call of the month' award, which not only prompts great agent performance but gives a benchmark for how calls should be handled.

Recognize these great achievements and make it public. When was the last time you publicly praised one or more members of your call center staff in public? A lot of praise goes on behind closed doors – take it into the work atmosphere and show everyone that you can give praise in public!

4. Compensation for Great Accomplishments

We all like to be rewarded for doing a great job. Find out what motivates each employee and each group, and make each feel that they have a part to play in the overall success of the business. Get to know your staff and find out what makes them 'tick'. For instance, your staff might want rewards that they can share with their family and that give them a sense of well-being. Ask them. This also brings us to our next tip...

5. Apply a Motivation Survey

Ask your agents for their input. When was the last time you did a motivation survey in your call center or asked your agents about improvements you could make within the contact center? If you don't do them regularly, you can start this month by asking your staff to complete a simple questionnaire with scores against areas such as how they feel about salary, working atmosphere, management support, etc. It is appropriate to make the surveys anonymous. You can publish the results and definitely set actions against the areas where it is needed. Finally, make sure that you set goals and measure agent motivation, just as you do for service levels etc.

You know your call center staff better than anyone else and sometimes simple changes can make a vital impact on their working culture. Always try new motivational ideas for your call center workforce.
At Call Center Services International we believe that constant motivation is the key to grooming successful agents. That is why we not only equip our agents with the proper knowledge and skills required, but also encourage their motivated spirit to provide top quality service to our clients. Click HERE to learn more about our world-class call center agents.