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Start Seeing Your Contact Center as a Value Center

Value Center

Contact centers have usually been seen as cost centers. Of course, providing customer service and support is unavoidable. For decades, the goal has been to keep the costs of doing it as low as possible while attempting (often ineffectively) to provide a positive experience for all.

Many KPIs, such as average handle time, first call resolution, occupancy rate, and so forth, are used with the purpose of simply measure costs. Also, call center managers use modern technology like web self-service, chat software, bots, and artificial intelligence to cut costs, replace human interactions, and reduce headcount and overhead.

The Value Center Approach

However, among cutting-edge organizations and new technology implementation, this mindset is shifting. The value-center approach overlooks the importance of the contact center in generating revenue for the company. Agents can recommend products and services, maintain best practices across the business, boost agent productivity, and increase satisfaction scores by leveraging the data coming into the business. As a result, contact center agents become an extension of the sales team, increasing company value.

Consider this: every time a customer calls your contact center with a question or a problem, you have a golden opportunity to generate new business. A customer who contacts your company because they need support for an older model product, for example, might be open to the idea of upgrading if you offer a discount or an extended warranty on the new device.

Similarly, a buyer who has not received their order may be receptive to an offer for a replacement that includes add-ons or components that they did not purchase the first time around, especially if offered a bundled deal to compensate for their wait.

Predictive Analytics

 All of this will require sales training for supervisors and agents. Predictive analytics can help the agents easily see each customer relationship's history and make cross-selling and up-selling recommendations based on that personalized data.

Integrate your CRM

Finally, consider integrating your contact center with your CRM system. That data contains a wealth of information about your customers, ranging from their history with the company to their value to it. Agents can personalize customer interactions and increase revenue by using that information to make suggestions.

Simultaneously, salespeople will learn about their valued customers' contact center experiences and will reach out to provide additional support or offers as needed.

Expand your Contact Center

Call Center Services International knows the importance of your contact center as a value center and is continuously accelerating business growth by providing labor cost advantages, increased recruitment scalability, bilingual capabilities, and a dedicated workforce that is culturally and time zone aligned to the U.S.

Our Contact Center Solutions will allow you to establish a value center with minimal risk and expense while maintaining operational control of agents, processes, IT systems, and performance objectives, enabling the Mexico Center to become an extension of your existing operation.