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Why Attrition In The Call Center Costs More Than You Think

Call Center Attrition Cost

Contact centers are well known for having a high turnover rate. That represents a high attrition cost. But while attrition is most of the time underestimated, the cost of an agent leaving the call center, is much higher that most companies think.

When you learn about the real cost of your contact center turnover rate, you can plan the actions needed to reduce (or control) the attrition rate in your organization.

Here are the expenses of the whole process that you should consider when estimating your contact center attrition cost, from employee termination through getting a new hire to achieve a good performance on the operations floor.

Call Center Attition Infographic

Employee Termination

Time of HR staff in the process of terminating an employee, from the exit interview to removing him/her from the payroll and building access.

Take into account that an employee termination can affect your team engagement, friends can feel less motivated at work, and other coworkers will need to work extra to reach the performance goal with fewer team members.

Hiring Process

This process covers the following stages:

  1. Recruitment needs to invest more time and money to attract qualified candidates for the position, cost of advertising, and contact efforts.
  2. The interview process and background check also take considerable time from your Human Resources team.
  3. HR needs to add the new hire information to the company system, get him or her a corporate ID, and security access.


Training can take from 1 to 4 weeks, this is time where you are paying for a new call center agent that is not taking calls. Instructors salary, training materials should also be taken into consideration. We should remember that some people leave from training without getting to the call center operation floor.

New Hire Performance

On the first weeks, the new agent will not perform well on the phone and will be taking less of calls. You will need more people to get the performance you need, meaning agent salary and equipment costs.

It can take up to 6 months for your new agent to give the same level of productivity as your past employee.

Now that you understand that attrition cost is much more than you imagined, act on it and find the best ways to engage your team!

At CCSI, keeping a low attrition rate is one of our highest priorities. For this reason, we keep your agents motivated so you get the best performance out of your Mexico Call Center. If you are facing a high operational cost, Call Center Services International is a great nearshore option for you. Discover more about our services.